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The Beauty Bar team is comprised of micropigmentation artists, lash artists, skin specialists, makeup artist, ear piercing specialist, and the many roles of operations. Our entire staff is dedicated to your experience and truly love helping you look and feel your best. 

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Owner, World Master Artist

Camila Mello, affectionately known as the "Brow Diva," is a celebrity artist, mentor, and master boasting over sixteen years of expertise as a highly sought-after beauty expert. Her artistic journey began under the guidance of Damone Roberts, the renowned "Eyebrow Guru" of Beverly Hills, as a valued member of his New York City Team. Specializing in reshaping and sculpting brows, Camila expanded her skillset by undergoing training in Micropigmentation artistry, achieving 50+ global certifications through years of hard work and dedication in the beauty industry.

Elevating herself to the status of a platinum board-certified micropigmentation instructor and artist, Camila pursued worldwide education to perfect micropigmentation techniques. Driven by a commitment to providing elite services, she sought additional training in realism and natural beauty from world-renowned masters such as Branko Babic, Lou Phuong “Fleek Brows”, Ennio Orisini, Toni Belfatto, James Olaya, Roberta Peixoto, Dora Hollos, Oxana Martynenko, Aline Fraga, and many more. This advanced training empowered her to develop her unique design, now recognized in the industry as the most beautiful approach to "Natural Beauty."

In September 2017, Camila continued her global education, participating in one of the world's largest permanent makeup shows. Holding a World Master certificate in Permanent Makeup since April 19, 2016, awarded at the prestigious Eyebrow World Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Camila further honed her skills with multiple hands-on training sessions in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Venice, Italy, Calgary, Canada, and more. Her global training delved into the latest trendsetting techniques, including Permanent Eyeliner, Smokey Eye, Powder Brow, High Definition Lips, and 3-Dimensional Hairstrokes, Paramedical Areola and Scar Camouflage.

In 2019, Camila made her way to Berlin, Germany, for a global artist competition, where she was awarded First place for the most innovative technique, solidifying her status as the best in the world. In 2020, she continued her journey to new heights by publishing her first book, "The Art Of Micropigmentation."

Camila's intuitive ability to customize and precisely design stunning results tailored to each client's individuality sets her apart as a "Master-Artist." With a solid foundation of education and years invested in her craft, Camila stands as a formidable force in the competitive realm of the beauty industry. Her unwavering work ethic and craftsmanship have been tested through challenges and choices, contributing to her remarkable success. First-time clients not only rave about the incredible experience at "Beauty Bar by Camila Mello" but also commend Camila's vibrant personality, seamlessly complementing her expertise and mastery.

As the founder of Beauty Bar, Beauty Bar Academy, and Beauty Bar Lifestyle, Camila demonstrates her dedication to a global perspective in the health and beauty industries, forming lasting relationships with her cherished clients and students along her remarkable journey.